Best Leather Belts For Men

Let’s just start from the beginning. Well, the Leather belt is a very old accessory of human beings. I have found that leather belts were created in the early 10th century. Since then it has created a very important role in dressing. Now there are some people who love to wear a belt to tuck in their shirts, polos, t-shirts, etc and some might just wanna wear it.  The belt is a tie basically which is wrapped around a waist so that the legwear which you are wearing doesn’t fall off but it cannot be the only reason. To put a knot on the belt it uses a rod which is put in the hole of the belt you are wearing technically called a belt buckle. So now let’s find out why belts wear created.

History of Leather Belts

Leather belts wear created to hold the sword of commanders in the early centuries. When there was a concept of having wars against two countries and the one who wins gets both of the countries. Anyways leather is used for many things to carry weapons, footwear, gloves, jackets,  wallets, belts, etc. So when the era just started to get modern then people started to wear leather belts on their outfits as a fashion.  Now a days a gentlemen is known for three things first one is his watch, Second one is his belt and the third one is shoes.


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